Prescriptions Information

How do I order my Repeat Prescription?

Patients on long-term medication can order repeat prescriptions in a number of ways:

Please remember to allow two working days before collecting your prescription.

Please note that weekends and bank holidays are not working days.

Repeat prescription requests will not be taken over the telephone.

Prescription Wastage

Every year the NHS counts the cost of unused or wasted medicines. Last year, for an average practice, it was estimated that £225,000 was spent on unused (stockpiled) or wasted medicines.

This is an unnecessary cost that the NHS cannot afford – the same amount of money could buy other essential services for patients of this practice, for example it could shorten waiting lists and pay for:

  • 35 coronary bypass operations
  • 27 hip operations
  • 350 cataract operations

There are a number of steps that can be taken by patients to help reduce the amount of money we are wasting on medicines including:

  • Only ordering repeat prescriptions for the medicines you need at that time.
  • Check which medicines you have before ordering your next two months prescription. You may not need to order all the items on your repeat list every time.
  • Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you have stopped using a medicine you are still being prescribed or if you want to stop using it.
  • Keep your repeat prescription list up to date with your practice or pharmacy.
  • Don’t hoard medicines for a rainy day or for the future.
  • Return any unwanted medicines to the chemist for safe disposal.

Prescription Fees

View the cost of prescriptions on the NHS website.

You can also find out if you are entitled to free prescriptions.

Local Pharmacies

Further Information

If you need to request a Medication Synchronisation or a Health/Medication Review, register for Electronic Prescribing or simply ask a General Medication question please contact the Practice.