Certain departments at Wythenshawe Hospital are now able to access (read only) GP held patient records held at this practice.

Access to the GP record will enable the clinician to commence suitable treatment in a timely manner, avoid unnecessary admission, reduce length of stay if admitted and improve discharge planning.

This is especially important for:

  • Older patients where the history is frequently limited.
  • Patients with complex medical histories.
  • Patients who are unconscious when presenting at the emergency department.
  • Patients suffering from dementia.
  • Patients with allergies of which the clinician would be otherwise unaware.
  • Patients on GP prescribed medications with incomplete information about their prescription.

Which Staff Will be Authorised to Access the Record?

Access will be strictly limited to doctors, senior registered nurses, pharmacists and other senior registered clinicians working in the following areas:

  • Emergency department.
  • Urgent care unit.
  • Clinical decisions unit.
  • Acute medical unit.
  • Acute medical receiving unit.

Patient Consent

All patients will be asked permission at the point of care by the clinician who needs to view their record. The system will not allow the clinician to proceed to view the record without recording in EMIS that they have asked the patient’s permission except in an emergency eg if the patient is unconscious.